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If you played up in your league in Fall 2021, send an email to to be considered.

CLICK HERE to register!

Boys u9

Club Ohio Dayton B13 ManUtd

Club Ohio Dayton B13 ManCity

CULM 13B AS Roma

CUSE 13B Dortmund

CUSM 13B Auxerre

CUSM 13B Bordeaux

Greene County Cosmos B13

Indian Hill Soccer Academy Boy

KHC B13 Premier 1

KH Sycamore B13 Premier 1

KHS B13 Premier 1

Northwest FC 2013B Orange

Oak Hills Premier A/ B2013

Oakwood United B13 Gold

Storm FC B13 Orange

TFC Thunder FC B13 Elite

TSC B13 Red

Boys u12

Cincy SC B10 Premier

CU North 10B Puma One

CWSC B10 Academy Elite

Dayton Kroc SC B2010

DSX Orange u12B

KHC B10 Premier 1

Kings Hammer Classic B10 Stamm

Oak Hills Premier / B2010

Ohio Fusion SC B10 Blue

Passion FC 2010B Gray

PC United B10

STAR B2010 Red Devils

WSC Knights B10

WSC Warhawks B10

Boys u10

BUSC B12 Gray

BUSC B12 Purple Machine

Club Ohio Dayton B12 Leeds

CULM 12B Chelsea

CUSE 12B Barcelona

CUSE 12B Chelsea

CUSE 12B Dortmund

DSX Orange u10B

Eclipse FC East Panthers

FC Tippecanoe B12 Elite

Indian Hill Soccer Academy Boys

KH Sycamore B12 Premier 1

KH SycamoreB12 Premier 2

Madeira FC B2012

Mercury Soccer B12 Red

Oak Hills Premier A/ B2012

Ohio Fusion SC B12 Blue

Boys u13

Alliance Cincinnati SC B2010

Champaign Dynamo B09

CU North 09B Evo Power

DSX Green u13B

Kings Hammer FC Bayern Munich

Kings Hammer South B2009 Titan

Metro FC B09 White

Springboro Force B09 Blue

TFC B09 Elite

Boys u11

CULM 12B Aberdeen

CUSE 11B Barcelona

Dayton Kroc SC B2011

DSX Orange u11B

Eclipse SC East Colts Red

FC Tippecanoe B11 Lightning

Fusion FC NKY B11 Green Rocket

Impact 2011 Boys

ISC B11 United

Madeira FC B2011 Orange

Metro Rapids B11

Springfield Thunder B11 Bolts

STAR B2011 Gunners

Storm FC B11 White

Boys u14



KH Sycamore B08 Premier 1

Kings Hammer South B2008 Premier

Kings Hammer South B2009 Premier

Lakota FC 2008 Boys Red


Girls u9

BUSC G13 Purple Attack

Cincy SC G13 Premier

Club Ohio Dayton G13 Horan

CULM 13G Angel City

CUSE 13G Arsenal

CWSC G13 Academy Elite

Greene County Cosmos G13

Gunners FC G13

KH Sycamore G13 Premier 1

Lakota FC G13 Red

Oak Hills Premier G2013

Oakwood United G13 Gold

OESC Coshocton 2013 Girls

Ohio Elite Soccer Academy

Storm FC G13 Orange

TFA G13 Elite

TFA G13 Premier

Girls u12

Alliance Cincinnati G10 Blue

BUSC G10/11 Siren

Cincy SC G10 Elite 2

Cincy SC G10 Premier

Fusion FC G10 Crushers

KHC G10 Premier 1

KH Sycamore G10 Premier 1

Storm FC G10 Orange

WOU G10/11

WSC Force G10

Zanesville Arsenal u12G

Girls u10

BUSC G12 Gray

BUSC G12 Purple

CULM 12G America

CULM 12G Arsenal

CUSA G12 Elite

CUSM 12G AC Milan

CWSC G12 Academy Elite

CWSC G12 Academy Red

Impact GFC G12 Blue

Impact GFC G12 Christy

Impact GFC G12 Gray

ISC Storm G12

Kolping SC G12 Orange

TSC G12 Red


Zanesville Arsenal u10G

Girls u13

CU North 09G Astra

Eclipse FC Rogue Squadron

ISC G09 Dragons

KHA Bluegrass G09

Springboro Force G09

Thunder FC G09 Elite

Urbana G09 White

Girls u11

Barcelona United Elite 11G

Botkins SC G11/12/13

Cincy SC G11 Elite

CULM 12G America

CUSE 11G Arsenal

ISC G11 Lucky Girls Elite

KHN G11 Premier 1

Kolping SC G11 Black

Metro Rapids G11

Star G2011 Crushers

TFA G11 Gold Harloff

TSC G11 Red

Girls u14

Cincy SC G08 Elite

Kolping SC G08 Orange

Madeira FC G08

Thunder FC G08 Elite



  • Play in a local league. Cincinnati teams will play in CPL, Dayton teams will play for MVSYA and Columbus teams will play OSDL.  Based on the results, teams will have the opportunity to play in The Ohio Victors Soccer League. They will be invited to play but they do not have to accept; the next team based on results will be offered the spot.

  • There will be no more than 3 divisions of 9 in each age group; gold, silver and bronze. The Ohio Victors Soccer League will not expand past 3 divisions in each age group.  

  • If a team finishes 1st or 2nd in silver or bronze, they will advance to the next level (promoted).  If a team finishes in the bottom 2 spots of gold or silver, they will be dropped down a level (relegated).  If a team finishes in the bottom 2 spots of bronze, they will be moved back to your local league to play their way back to The Ohio Victors Soccer League. 

Soccer Practices
  • We will offer divisions u9 through u14, girls and boys

  • Fees:     7v7 $250; 9v9 $300 and 11v11 $350; you do not have to pay extra for carding players

  • Teams will have home and away games

  • We will offer neutral sites for games if teams are located more than 50 miles apart; cost covered by the league

  • The league will assign referees for games scheduled at least 3 days in advance

  • You will have 8 games



  • This new concept will drive teams to play in their local area.  Teams will stop driving so far to play league games.

  • Once a team has proven themselves at the local level, they can play against teams at the same level of play from a larger geographic area; longer commute is warranted for better competition.

  • Clubs can truly build a grassroots program.  All of  their teams can compete at the local level knowing there is something for each level of play.

  • Earning your place is the only determining factor. 

Soccer Player
  • Play in your local league in Fall 2021. Encourage teams you want to compete against to do the same.

  • Based on league results of Fall 2021, divisions for Spring 2022 will be announced and teams can choose if they want to play.

  • If your team is listed above, CLICK HERE to register



Greg Hirschauer

(513) 490-6611

Cheryl Henderson

Vice President

(937) 554-7120

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